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Mother tinctures

Plants (Herbs) constitute the major source of homoeopathic medicines. Next in order are chemicals and animals. The therapeutically active ingredients in many cases are extracted in alcohol-water mixture of varying percentages of alcohol depending on the solubility, stability and extractability of the potential ingredients. Such alcoholic extracts are called “Mother Tinctures”.

Mother Tinctures are the starting point for dilutions. Authenticity of the raw materials, age, collection, cleaning and drying methods, basic percentage of active ingredients, the quality of alcohol and water, and the percentage used, method used (Percolation or Maceration), the strength of phytochemicals, filtration, bacterial counts are some of the important factors responsible for good quality mother tinctures. These are meticulously followed at Similia and the filtered mother tinctures are stored in temperature controlled rooms.

The crude drugs used are of the best available quality and are obtained from highly reputable Indian & Foreign sources. The herbs are subjected to Microscopic and Thin Layer Chromatographic tests. The latest Infra Red Moisture Analyzer used to ensure Moisture content in herbs. The Mother Tinctures are manufactured by the percolation method, which is slower but more reliable since it allows Natural Extraction of the active ingredients.

An unique feature is Hydraulic press of high pressure used for extraction from Herbs.

No coloring or thickening agents are used to enhance / change colour or viscosity of the Mother Tinctures.

Before packing , the Mother Tinctures are filtered through Very Fine & expensive Filters which remove even the minutest particles
They are available in sealed packings of 30ml & 100ml.



Potentised medicines are called Dilutions. Dilutions are the core of homoeopathic treatment. The doctor’s diagnosis, selection of medicine and the quality/purity of dilutions decide the success of homoeopathic treatment.

Alcohol of high quality, free from aldehydes and ketones are used. The use of genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, make Similia’s dilutions superior to other dilutions available in the market. Drug potentisation is done using the Hahnemannian method, which was introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann himself.

Our Dilutions are manufactured and filled in a sterile area and in a laminar flow station which ensures optimum hygiene and purity.

Our labeling & documentation procedures are fully computerised, ensuring high accuracy & reliability in every aspect.
The 30ml & 100ml packs are available in Easy-to-use dropper fitted airtight neutral glass bottles.

Trituration Tablets

The source of homoeopathic medicines includes natural minerals, herbs, their phyto-materials, active chemicals etc, many of which are not soluble or stable in alcohol, water, glycerol, oils, or their mixtures. By a special homoeopathic method called trituration, which is comparable to potentisation, the medicinal power of these medicines is enhanced. The tablets made out of this process are known as trituration tablets. Factors such as purity of the raw material and lactose used, fineness of the particle size achieved, dissolution time, drug content of the final product, effect of light, air, moisture and shelf life decide the quality of the trituration tablets. Most of the important chemicals required are prepared in our laboratory to ensure quality prescribed for Homoeopathic Triturations.


CAL-BORIC is an antiseptic dusting powder, disinfectant, Arrests putrefaction, useful for open wounds, ulcers etc.
Composition : Acid Boric IX, Calendula extract.
Packing : 10 gms. Plastic container

FERRO-VIN (iron tonic)

In India, Iron deficiency anaemia is the commonest type of nanemia. There are many etiological factors, the most important being nutritional deficiency.FERRO-VIN is a haemetinic Tonic for all the related symptoms of Anaemia. The material doses of Ferrum Muraticum and Ferrum Citrate with Alfalfa make it an ideal Iron Tonic. It is presented in a very palatable base.FERRO-VIN is very effective for :- Anaemic conditions, exhaustion, debility, lack of appetite-anorexia-useful during pregnancy, convalescence etc.
Composition : Ferr. Murraticum, Ferrum Citrate, Alfalfa.
Packing : 100ml, 450ml


An effective antacid, antiflatulent, helps digestion and a tonic for digestive systems. Helps absorption and assimilation of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Corrects habitual constipation. Relieves gas troubles.
Composition : Carica papaya, Hydrastis, Carbo Veg.6x, Alum. Hydroxide 3X, Nux Vom 2X, Terminalia chebula etc.
Packing : 100ml, 450ml

PILO-RID (Ointment)

Pilo-Rid is a very effective remedy for bleeding and helps to shrink piles. Applied at the appearance of early symptom of itching, pain, constipation etc., Pilo-Rid gives quick relief.
Composition : Aesculus, Hammamelis, Collinsonia.
Application : The ointment should be applied before and after defecation.
Packing : 20gm tube with APPLICATOR


GASTROCIN is an unique combination of well known remedies Alumina(Aluminium Hydroxide), Carbo Vegitables and Calc. Phos.
Gastrocin is very effective for :- Much flatulence – (Gas troubles), heart burn, flatulence releived by sour eructation, digestion slow; abdomen greatly distended, flatulent colic – no appetite – food has no taste, drawing pain going upward to chest – abdomen seems to hang down heavily – eructations generally sour and bitter.
Composition : Calc. Phos 3X, Carbo Veg. 6X, Alumina
Packing : 25 gm, 450 gm


Hyperdin is an effective remedy for Hypertension, Vascular degeneration, Arterio Sclerosis etc. The preparation is Introduced after verifying clinical effectiveness.

The rsult is attributed to its unique combinations of well known remedies of Rauwolfia, Crateagus, Passiflora and Baryta Mur in appropriate quantities.

Packing: 30ml with droper

Dose: 10 to 20 drops in water – three times in a day or as directed by the physician



Alfalfa Tonic ( Fortis ) is a tonic of the family. The constituents are comparatively in a more concentrated form for improvement of debilities, depression, anorexia, insomnia – for vim, vigour and vitality to improve defective digestive system for carrying mothers and for mothers during lactation

A depandable tonic durnign convalescence.

Composition: Alfalfa, Avena Sativa, Hydrastis Can, Damiana, Cinchona Off, Calc, Phos Ferr, Nat Phos Aswagandha

Packing 100 ml, 200 ml, 450 ml


Effective for relieving various types of muscular and joint pains due to sprains, rheumatic complaints etc. For pain in swelling joints, pain between shoulders, nape of neck, back aches etc.

Composition : Rhustox, Camphor, Gaultheria Oil

Applicaiton : Massage affected part with oil 2 to 3 times a day.

Packing : 30 ml, 60 ml, 450 ml


An ideal tonic for children, kidiplex contains the most essential contituents in flavoured syrupy base

Kidiplex is vary effective for :

Groth of infants and babies, infantile gastric and hepatic troubles, to improve appetite better and timely Ossifications of bones and groth of musculatures. For anaemic and timid babies with all temperament. Increase vigour and gain weight.

Composition : Alfalfa, Hydrastis, withania Somnifera, Chelidonium, Cinchona Off, Calc, Carb., Phos., Ferr.;, Phos., etc.

Packing 30 ml



Similia’s FIVEPHOS syrups is a combinationn of five mineral salts of Bio-Chemistry. Essential for good health. It is a general tissue toinc for infants, old persons, and persons of all ages regularly for all round good health.

Composition: Calc. Phos., Ferr. Phos., Kali. Phos., Mag. Phos., Nat. Phos.

Packing : 100 ml , 450 ml



TULASI VASAKA is attributed to the marked Homoeopathic bechic properties of its ingredients, which act on a wide variety of cough , dyspnea and other bronchial problems. The medication has a deeper and sustained curative action. Its constituents are well known for releiving the cough.

Composition : Ocimum Sanctum ( Tulsai ), Justicia Adathoda, Ipecacuanha, Belladonna, Allium Sativa, Mentha Piperita

Packing 60 ml, 100 ml, 450 ml



An effective remedy for round worm, thread worm and hook worm

Composition : Cina, Chelone, Chinopodium

Packing : 30 ml, 450 ml



Marigold which is also a synonym for Calendula Officianalis, is an effective Antiseptic ointments. Effective for Black heads ( Comedones ) Acne ( Pimples ) unhealthy skin, cracked and chapped dry skin, for cuts and wounds.

Marigold Consists of an effective combination fo Calendula, Acid Boric, Berberis Aqua, Zinc Oxide and Thuja

Packing 20 gm tubes