0 30 June 2016

Potentised medicines are called Dilutions. Dilutions are the core of homoeopathic treatment. The doctor’s diagnosis, selection of medicine and the quality/purity of dilutions decide the success of homoeopathic treatment.

Similia offers Dilutions in various Potencies (3,6,30,200,1M,10M,50M (LM) & CM. Most of the Back Potencies are prepared in-house in an automatic potentiser to maintain accuracy, using ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol), free from all impurities and odour.
Manufactured in fully Air Conditioned area
Manufactured and filled in a sterile area in a Laminar Air Flow Station, which ensures optimum hygiene and purity.
Dilutions are filtered through Millipore Micron Filters of 0.2 Microns ensuring no impurities and contamination.

The 30ml & 100ml packs are available in Easy-to-use dropper fitted airtight neutral glass bottles.

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