FERRO-VIN (iron tonic)

FERRO-VIN (iron tonic)
0 30 June 2016

In India, Iron deficiency anaemia is the commonest type of nanemia. There are many etiological factors, the most important being nutritional deficiency.FERRO-VIN is a haemetinic Tonic for all the related symptoms of Anaemia. The material doses of Ferrum Muraticum and Ferrum Citrate with Alfalfa make it an ideal Iron Tonic. It is presented in a very palatable base.FERRO-VIN is very effective for :- Anaemic conditions, exhaustion, debility, lack of appetite-anorexia-useful during pregnancy, convalescence etc.
Composition : Ferr. Murraticum, Ferrum Citrate, Alfalfa.
Packing : 100ml, 450ml

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