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Mother tinctures

Similia’s Mother Tinctures offer maximum concentration of active substances. The standard of quality maintained every stage of processing right from the procurement of herbs up to the final packing as per the standards mentioned in SOP (Standard Operating Procedure


Manufactured and stored in fully Air Conditioned Area
Mother Tinctures are manufactured in ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) and Demineralized water, free from all impurities and odour.
Mother Tinctures are manufactured in stainless steel 304 grade (as specified in GMP standards) Maceration vessels and Percolators.
High power Hydraulic Press used for extracting the maximum drug content.
Filtration is done through very fine and sophisticated sparkler filters and Millipore Micron Filters.
Infrared Moisture Analyzer is used to ascertain moisture content of herbs
Various analytical tests are done in a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory by a team of highly qualified chemists.




Similia offers Dilutions in various Potencies (3,6,30,200,1M,10M,50M (LM) & CM. Most of the Back Potencies are prepared in-house in an automatic potentiser to maintain accuracy, using ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol), free from all impurities and odour. 
Manufactured in fully Air Conditioned area
Manufactured and filled in a sterile area in a Laminar Air Flow Station, which ensures optimum hygiene and purity.
Dilutions are filtered through Millipore Micron Filters of 0.2 Microns ensuring no impurities and contaminations.

Trituration Tablets

The source of homoeopathic medicines includes natural minerals, herbs, their phyto-materials, active chemicals etc, many of which are not soluble or stable in alcohol, water, glycerol, oils, or their mixtures. By a special homoeopathic method called trituration, which is comparable to potentisation, the medicinal power of these medicines is enhanced. The tablets made out of this process are known as trituration tablets. Factors such as purity of the raw material and lactose used, fineness of the particle size achieved, dissolution time, drug content of the final product, effect of light, air, moisture and shelf life decide the quality of the trituration tablets. Most of the important chemicals required are prepared in our laboratory to ensure quality prescribed for Homoeopathic Triturations.