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Tableting is done in a very hygiene area, ensuring the prevention of dust. Each machines are installed in cubicles with air control system to avoid cross contamination.
The chemicals/salts used are of the best pharma grade quality and most of the chemicals are prepared in our quality control Laboratory. Similia uses imported HMS (Holland) Lactose I.P for manufacturing Biochemic, Biocombination and Triturations.
Proper trituration is extremely important to ensure the uniformity of the medicament in each tablet and also for the medicine to be effective. Sophisticated Trituration and Automatic Rotary Tablet Machines are used to manufacture tablets.
Fluid Bed Drier is used to dry the granules within a short time and not exposed for a long time at a high temperature, to enhance the quality of tablets.
Tests like Hardness, Friability, Weight variation, Average weight etc. are done to ensure the standardization of Tablets.
List of Tablets
  1. Biochemic Tablets (12 Tissue Remedies)
  2. Biocom Tabs (28 No.s)
  3. Five Phos Tabs
  4. Blank Tablets
  5. Sugar of Milk


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