In today’s world were all of us are more focused towards living a life more inclined towards nature and thus making natural and organic products a part of out daily life, it is very essential to find the products that provide us the results that we expect. All of us in the busy run of our lives simultaneously struggling to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of our mother earth finds it difficult to transition to our age old traditional ways of making our own products be it beauty, household or any product to help out in our daily activities. At this point begins our journey towards the organic and chemical free products that readily available that gives the maximum benefits.

Today’s people who have realized the importance of being themselves be it physically or mentally. All of us have beautifully transitioned ourselves to wear our natural hair textures and focuses to nourish what we own through organic and natural ways saying a big no to chemical relaxers and hair straighteners and curlers. 

During this transition journey we stumble across numerous products that are genuine and fake products as well. It’s quite difficult to confide into our necessary product among the numerous choices available in today’s market. During these journeys one of the authentic product we can rely upon is Similia’s Arnica hair oil. This wonderful hair oil is power packed with numerous organic herbs which is beneficial for hair, helps in maintaining the Lustre and natural goodness of our hair. Let us dig deeper into the hidden benefits of Similia’s Arnica hair oil.

Composition and benefits:

Arnica hair oil is composed of Arnica, Aloes, Cantharis and China used in crude drug form in a base of refined coconut oil.

Arnica: this herb helps in controlling hair fall and promotes hair growth. It also stimulates the active phase of hair growth cycle. 

Aloes: Aloe Vera has active ingredients that help in strengthening hair, controls itchy scalp, protect from  UV damage and controls greasy hair.  

Cantharis: this herb helps to prevent premature graying, scalp infections, dandruff, rough hair and hair breakage. 

China: it stimulates hair growth and prevents other infections. 

Coconut oil: it helps to repair split ends, fights dandruff, acts as a moisturizer, strengthens cuticle and offers UV protection. 

What our hair gains??!!

Power packed with all the organic goodness of the above mentioned herbs Similia’s Arnica hair oil is the best we can gift ourselves for a healthy hair. Arnica hair oil infused with concoctions for stronger, smoother and shinier hair. It keeps the hair healthy and nourished thus reducing hair fall, dandruff and premature graying with goodness of nature. It helps to activate the hair growth cycle phase, thus helping to promote hair growth. The base ingredient being refined pure coconut oil, it is free from all harmful chemicals and toxins like silicone, parables, mineral oil and dyes.

With its light weight and non sticky formulation and oh-so-good fragrance it is the best solution to soothe and pamper our hair to make it healthy. 

Manufacturing method:

Similia’s Arnica hair oil is manufactured following strict protocols that focuses on gaining the maximum benefits of the herbs. Most modern technologies which helps to obtain the traditional goodness as well is implemented, thus resulting in a hair oil which is the single solution for most of our hair problems. Produced in well equipped and sterile facility using the highest quality herbs, this hair oil is 100% organic and toxins and chemical free.

How to obtain the all the goodness of Arnica hair oil??

Regular usage of Similia’s Arnica hair oil helps to receive all the richness and goodness it boasts of. Application of Arnica hair oil once in two days for half an hour to one hour then washing it off with an organic shampoo and conditioner yields the maximum benefits. Continuous usage for 2 months results in visible changes on the hair texture and provides relief in hair loss. This oil sure will be a game changer in our lives resulting in a healthier, shinier and thicker hair.

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