Mother tinctures

Mother tinctures
0 30 June 2016

Quality about Mother Tincture

Plants (Herbs) constitute the major source of homoeopathic medicines. Next in order are chemicals and animals. The therapeutically active ingredients in many cases are extracted in alcohol-water mixture of varying percentages of alcohol depending on the solubility, stability and extractability of the potential ingredients. Such alcoholic extracts are called “Mother Tinctures”.

Mother Tinctures are the starting point for dilutions. Authenticity of the raw materials, age, collection, cleaning and drying methods, basic percentage of active ingredients, the quality of alcohol and water, and the percentage used, method used (Percolation or Maceration), the strength of phytochemicals, filtration, bacterial counts are some of the important factors responsible for good quality mother tinctures. These are meticulously followed at Similia and the filtered mother tinctures are stored in temperature controlled rooms.

The crude drugs used are of the best available quality and are obtained from highly reputable Indian & Foreign sources. The herbs are subjected to Microscopic and Thin Layer Chromatographic tests. The latest Infra Red Moisture Analyzer used to ensure Moisture content in herbs. The Mother Tinctures are manufactured by the percolation method, which is slower but more reliable since it allows Natural Extraction of the active ingredients.

An unique feature is Hydraulic press of high pressure used for extraction from Herbs.

No coloring or thickening agents are used to enhance / change colour or viscosity of the Mother Tinctures.

Before packing , the Mother Tinctures are filtered through Very Fine & expensive Filters which remove even the minutest particles
They are available in sealed packings of 30ml & 100ml.



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