Similia Homoeo’s state-of- the-art manufacturing plant, located at Aluva in Kerala, is the only one of its kind in the country. Similia’s commitment ‘No compromise with quality ‘and the meticulous efforts put in during the planning stage are well demonstrated in this plant.

Similia manufactures dilutions and mother tinctures in sterile and well-protected environment carried out by potentisation method, as originally described by Dr Hahnemann. The plant has its own water distillation unit to meet its total requirements. To avoid microbial growth in stagnant water, this water is kept under constant circulation. The products are manufactured and filled in a Laminar Air Flow Station, which ensures optimum hygiene and purity.
Mother Tincture
Similia’s Mother Tinctures offer maximum concentration of active substances. The standard of quality maintained every stage of processing right from the procurement of herbs up to the final packing as per the standards mentioned in SOP (Standard Operating Procedure  Manufactured and stored in fully Air Conditioned Area

 Mother Tinctures are manufactured in ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) and Demineralized water, free from all impurities and odour.
 Mother Tinctures are manufactured in stainless steel 304 grade (as specified in GMP standards) Maceration vessels and Percolators.
 High power Hydraulic Press used for extracting the maximum drug content.
 Filtration is done through very fine and sophisticated sparkler filters and Millipore Micron Filters.
 Infrared Moisture Analyzer is used to ascertain moisture content of herbs
 Various analytical tests are done in a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory by a team of highly qualified chemists.
Similia offers Dilutions in various Potencies (3,6,30,200,1M,10M,50M (LM) & CM. Most of the Back Potencies are prepared in-house in an automatic potentiser to maintain accuracy, using ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol), free from all impurities and odour.
 Manufactured in fully Air Conditioned area  Manufactured and filled in a sterile area in a Laminar Air Flow Station, which ensures
optimum hygiene and purity.
 Dilutions are filtered through Millipore Micron Filters of 0.2 Microns ensuring no impurities and contaminations.
 Tableting is done in a very hygiene area, ensuring the prevention of dust. Each machines are installed in cubicles with air control system to avoid cross contamination.
 The chemicals/salts used are of the best pharma grade quality and most of the chemicals are prepared in our quality control Laboratory. Similia uses imported HMS (Holland) Lactose I.P for manufacturing Biochemic, Biocombination and Triturations.
 Proper trituration is extremely important to ensure the uniformity of the medicament in each tablet and also for the medicine to be effective. Sophisticated Trituration and Automatic Rotary Tablet Machines are used to manufacture tablets.
 Fluid Bed Drier is used to dry the granules within a short time and not exposed for a long time at a high temperature, to enhance the quality of tablets.
 Tests like Hardness, Friability, Weight variation, Average weight etc. are done to ensure the standardization of Tablets.