Bed wetting: Parent’s night mare, But yes there is a solution in Homoeopathy

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Bed wetting is an involuntary urination among kids after four to five years. This can be either nocturnal, diurnal or both. The clinical term for bedwetting is Enuresis. People who are enuretic persist in wetting at night or during day past an early age. This type of conditions can be easily tackled using homeopathy. 

Parents find Bedwetting very annoying and stressful when their kids are now no more in the baby category. But the underlying serious issue is the guilt and helplessness the child feels when he/she has no control. Each homeopathic medicine reacts differently for different patients, so we must consult a homeopathic physician before we intake medicines. 

Bedwetting is associated with less control over bladder and is usually seen in kids below the age of 6. 

Homoeopathic Doctors often refers to this situation as a part of the development of the kid. Commonly seen in kids bedwetting may also last until teen years. No known deeper medical or emotional issue is associated with it. 

TheraPEE for dry nights:

Bed wetting if found persistent should be given proper treatment at the earliest. It majorly affects the confidence and self-esteem in the child as it can be a cause if embarrassment among the children of same age group. It also leads to the frustration over having no control of the change in sleeping pattern through the wetting episodes. Bedwetting also interferes with normal social activities of the child.

Treating bedwetting in a school age is just as important as teaching a child to swim or ride a bike. With patience, persistence and the right treatment methods can help your child in attaining permanent dry nights. 

First step towards treating any condition is identifying the reason which is causing the problem. The major reasons for bed wetting in children are mentioned below. 

The core reason for bed wetting is that your child’s bladder may not be developed enough to hold urine during the night. 

Inability to recognize a full bladder. 

If the nerves that control the bladder are slow to mature a full bladder may not wake your child especially if the child is a deep sleeper. 

A hormonal imbalance. 

Chronic constipation 

Structural problem in the urinary tract or nervous system. 

Urinary tract infection.

Sleep apnea.


After recognizing the reason for bed wetting in your child appropriate therapies or treatment can be provided. 

Homeopathy to the rescue!!

Apparently homeopathy is field of medicine with incessant remedies for all health conditions. There are homeopathic medicines available to treat each reason which causes bed wetting too. Similia Homeo laboratory is one such homeopathic manufacturing company which produces wide range of homeopathic remedies like mother tinctures, Potencies, biochemic. Similia homeo laboratory’s medicines are manufactured with great precision following strict protocols to ensure quality making the company a reliable source for procuring homeo medicines. 

Now let us discus the various homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat bed wetting. 

Arsenicum Album: Similia India’s arsenic album is used for treating Bedwetting in nervous, anxious, restless and fastidious children. They can be very chilly patients and can wet the bed from 1-2.00 am. In Similia India Arsenic Album is available in different Potencies and according to the advice from a homeopathic physician the requirement dose can be administered. 

Causticum: This homeopathic remedy can be useful in children who wet the bed especially in first sleep. Often the urine passes so easily that the child is unaware of it. He/she can also leak urine on laughing or coughing. Causticum is available as a dilution in various Potencies. Similia India’s Causticum can be administered according to the advice of a homeopathic physician.

Kreosotum: does your child have Sudden urge to urinate and cannot go quick enough? Does he /she experience Sudden urging during first and very profound sleep?? Is there frequent urging at night and the child is unable to get out of bed quick enough? Does your child Wake with urging but cannot retain urine or dreams he/she is urinating and wets the bed? Does the Urine flow during the first deep sleep, from which the child is roused with difficulty? Then Similia India’s Kreosotum is the solution.  This medicine is available as mother tincture and dilutions of different Potencies. It can be used according to the dosage provided by a homeopathic physician. 

Lycopodium: Similia India’s Lycopodium is used to treat bed wetting in children with Involuntary urination during sleep and passes enormous quantities of clear urine. The urine may also have red sand. The typical Lycopodium patient craves sweets, likes hot drinks, has aggravations from 4-8 pm, especially for many complaints. They can be a bit cross and in an ugly mood on waking up. In Similia Homeo laboratory Lycopodium is available as mother tincture and dilutions of various potencies which can be consumed in the form of medicated pills. According to the gravity of the condition appropriate dose can be administered by the guidance from a homeopathic physician.

Sepia:  Sepia is administered if the patient feels he/she must keep their mind on the bladder or he/ she will lose her urine. When there is involuntary urination as soon as the child goes to sleep at night and the bed is wet almost as soon as the child goes to sleep sepia is administered. This child is often indifferent, does not like sympathy and wants to get away alone. Similia India’s Sepia is available as dilutions in different potencies. It can also be administered in the form of medicated pills. The dosage required can be decided by advice from a homeopathic physician and used as such.

The above mentioned homeopathic remedies can be used to treat bed wetting according to each child’s condition.  The appropriate medicine and dosage cam be determined by availing guidance from a trusted homeopathic physician. 

Additional methods to prevent bedwetting:

In addition to administering the corresponding homeopathic remedy for your child’s condition, following few steps along with it can solve the condition in a quicker and effective pace. Few points to be followed along with treatment is

Limit the quantity of Fluid intake after 7pm.

Shift times for drinking water.

Schedule bathroom breaks.

Make sure that the child is take to loo within a time gap

Give emotional support to the child by constant encouragement and positive attitude. 

Eliminate bladder irritants. 

Avoid thirst overload. 

Reduce the child’s stress.

Practice an earlier bed time.

Constipation may be a factor.

Never resort to punishment. 

Cut back on screen time especially before bedtime. 

Follow methods like bedwetting alarms.

Together by providing medical, emotional and physical support your child can overcome bed wetting. Identifying the core reason and providing the appropriate treatment with accuracy is the key. With all this support gradually the child’s body will begin to recognize the feeling that happens even he needs to wake up and urinate. You can help the child to the bathroom as they learn that new response.

Blog prepared by Dr Bindu, Similia Homoeo Laboratory Pvt Ltd.

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