Raw materials plays the most important role in determining the quality  of the products manufactured. Every  raw materials used in Similia homeo, which includes herbs, minerals and other organic materials are being procured from the highest qualified vendors from India as well as abroad.  No compromise is made in maintaining the quality of the herbs procured, lots of manual and financial investment is done to assure we obtain the highest quality products with maximum efficacy. 

We only use the organic herbs that are grown without the usage of artificial fertilizers and pesticides and are procured at their prime time so that they are rich in their active components. The herbs are categorized according to the availability. Herbs like Tulasi, Passiflora_ passion fruit, Justicia, Phyllanthus, moringa oliefera, Syzygium are procured locally, so that they can be obtained as fresh as possible to obtain optimum results. 

Raw materials obtained undergo strict screening and quality checking protocols including comparison with the best available samples that we store. Only after this the materials are used for medicine preparation. The quality checked raw materials are stored in specifically designed sterile storage facility to prevent contamination until their usage. When it comes to raw materials we ignore monetary benefits and focus to ensure the quality.