Kidneys and their functions

The kidneys are two organs located on either side of your spine in the middle of your back, just above the waist. They perform several life-sustaining roles: They cleanse your blood by removing waste and excess fluid, maintain the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, and help regulate blood pressure.
The kidneys are connected to the urinary bladder by tubes called ureters. Urine is stored in the urinary bladder until the bladder is emptied by urinating. The bladder is connected to the outside of the body by another tube like structure called the urethra.Healthy kidneys handle several specific roles.
Maintain a balance of water and concentration of minerals, such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus, in your blood
Remove waste by-products from the blood after digestion, muscle activity, and exposure to chemicals or medications
 Produce renin, an enzyme that helps regulate blood pressure.
Produce erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell production.
Produce an active form of vitamin D, needed for bone health.
Harnessing the healing power of homeopathy for kidney health:
HOMEOPATHY treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. Homoeopathy is alternate medicine where is it believed that the body could heal itself.There is a special demand for homeopathy treatment for kidney failure in India, and after all the modern medicines fail, homeopathy can help. Homeopathy goes with the belief that the substances that agitate you could be used for the treatment itself. 
In Similia homeo laboratory all the homeo medicines suitable for kidney related issues are manufactured.  All the medicines are manufactured in a very sterile and well equipped facility using the best quality products ensuring best solution and efficacy. The Homeopathic cures that are manufactured in Similia homeo laboratory used for kidney failures are mentioned below.

Similia india's Apis Mellifica:

This medicine is recommended by homeopathy doctors if you suffer from mild kidney dysfunctions. There are great belief and trust in homeopathy treatment for kidney failure. This particular medicine may help increase your urination and reduce your fatigue. It also helps to improve your urine quality. With this medicine, the albumin in your blood increases and you feel much relaxed and can sleep better.
Similia India's Arsenicum Album:

is a preferred medicine for treating chronic kidney failure. It is used to treat patients in the later stages of kidney failure when they experience excessive thirst, pale and waxy skin, diarrhoea, pale and waxy skin. Also, when the colour of the urine is darker yellow and is full of albumin, this homeopathic medicine is used. It also helps to create a line of mucus that makes breathing easier for chronic patients.

Similia India's Aurum Muriaticum:
This particular homeopathic medicine is used to treat severe diseases like Bright’s disease that is caused by syphilis. It very much helpful in reducing the agitation in the digestive tract and helps in proper functioning of the nervous system as well. One of the most common outcome of kidney failure is vertigo. But, if you start on Aurum Muriaticum medication, you will be able to keep your vertigo in control.
Similia India's Cantharis : There is another condition of the kidneys called nephritis. It is the inflammation of kidneys and could affect your system if not kept in control. A person suffering from nephritis suffers from extreme pain in the pelvic region. Nephritis also makes it painful to pass urine and is quite a severe disease. When a person is suffering from nephritis, their legs, hands, feet and face swell and it could get very serious. When cantharis is used as a homeopathic treatment, it gives relief from pain and makes a living better for the person. Nephritis can also lead to blood in the urine, and one needs to take special care and connect with homeopathy doctors for better effect and relief.

Similia India's Belladonna:

Belladonna is the ideal homeopathic remedy for treating inflammation of the kidneys accompanied by piercing or burning pain in the lumbar region of the kidney. The pain reappears repeatedly with increased intensity each time.

Similia India's Convallaria:
Convallaria is used in case of nephritis occurring due to heart disorders. It is used when the heart functions irregularly and also in anasarca and ascites because of mitral insufficiency.

Similia homeo laboratory’s homeopathic medicines for chronic kidney diseases:

If kidney damage proceeds slowly, signs and symptoms of chronic renal disease emerge over time. Kidney failure can result in an accumulation of fluid or waste, as well as electrolyte imbalances. Chronic renal illness may weak havoc on the entire body. Important homeopathic cures for chronic kidney diseases include

Simlia india's Apocynum cannabinum:

It is advised when urine is turbid and hot with thick mucus. There is presence of albumin in urine. There is burning in urethra after urination. Bladder is distended with little expulsive power so there is dribbling of urine. There is renal dropsy. Urinary troubles especially suppression of urine with strangury. The dropsy is characterized by great thirst and gastric irritability.

Similia India’s Calcarea carbonica:
Urine is a dark brown hue. Urine smells sour, fetid, and contains white sediment. It is used in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, particularly in obese persons. Frequent urination with blood in urine. There is slowness and get fatigued easily

It is indicated in chronic renal disease, urine is muddy with brick dust, or red sand deposits, or on stirring it up it looks like the sediment of fermenting cider. Pain in back before urinating and it ceases after flow. Best adapted to persons intellectually keen, but of weak muscular power. Urine flow is sluggish, and have to wait a long period for it to pass. Frequent and large quantities of urine during the night.

Nux vomica:
It's used in treatment of drug induced chronic kidney disease. Urine is frequent, little and often. There is presence of blood in urine. Renal colic extending to genitals, with dribbling of urine. While urinating itching in urethra and pain in neck of bladder. Best suited to persons who has sedentary lifestyle like prolonged office work and close application to business with its cares and anxieties. There is addiction to stimulants like coffee, wine, tobacco and sedative drugs like opium.

Similia India's Aalserum:
It is recommended when there is albumin and renal elements present in the urine. There is hemoglobin present in urine. It benefits in prolonged anuria (24 and 26 hours). When the kidneys are seriously damaged whether by a cold, infection, or intoxication and symptoms like oliguria, anuria, and albuminuria are present. Similia India’s Aalserum is highly effective in re-establishing diuresis and swiftly stopping albuminuria.

Similia India's Pareira brava:

It is recommended for acute and chronic kidney disease especially after complication of kidney stones. The urine is black, bloody with thick mucus. There is constant urging of urine with great straining. Renal colic and pain radiates down the thighs during efforts to urinate. Only until he gets down on his knees and presses his head firmly against the floor then he is able to pass urine. Dribbling after micturition. There is a itching along urethra in urethritis.

Similia India’s Phosphorus:
It's an effective medicine for renal disorders, especially those linked to diabetes. The urine contains sugar, albumin, and blood. There is emaciation, weakness, and coldness of the extremities. It will treat renal fatty degeneration. Urine is turbid, brown, with red sediment. He is unable to strain to pass the urine because such straining increases pain in the region of the bladder. Tearing and burning pain in the urethra.

Similia India's Sarsaparilla:
It is used when urine is scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy, and bloody. There is severe pain at end of urination. Urine dribbles while sitting. Bladder distended and tender. Renal colic and difficult urination are present with pain at meatus. The pain spreads downwards from the right kidney. Urine passes in thin and feeble stream.

Similia India’s Solidago virgaurea:
There is pain in region of kidneys, with dysuria. Kidneys are sensitive to pressure. Urine is scanty, reddish brown in color with offensive smell. Urination is difficult. There is presence of albumin, blood, and slime in urine. Pain in kidneys extend forward to abdomen and bladder.

Similia India’s Sulphur:

It is indicated in kidney disease when there is mucus and pus in urine. Burning in urethra during urination which lasts long. Profuse quantities of colorless urine.

Identify kidney disorders early: the symptoms:
Signs and symptoms of kidney disease are often nonspecific. This means they can also be caused by other illnesses. Kidney failure can result in the following symptoms, depending on how serious it is:
Loss of appetite
Fatigue and weakness
Sleep problems
Urinating more or less
Decreased mental sharpness
Muscle cramps
Swelling of feet and ankles
Dry, itchy skin
High blood pressure (hypertension) that's difficult to control
Shortness of breath, if fluid builds up in the lungs
Chest pain, if fluid builds up around the lining of the heart.

Major complications:
If not treated at the right time Chronic renal illness may wreak havoc on the entire body. Complications that may arise include:
Swelling in your arms and legs, elevated blood pressure, or fluid in your lungs are all symptoms of fluid retention (pulmonary edema).
Hyperkalemia is a rapid increase in potassium levels in your blood that can compromise your heart's function and be life-threatening.
Coronary artery disease.
Bone fragility and a higher risk of bone fractures.
Reduced sexual desire, erectile problems, or fertility.
Damage to the central nervous system, which can lead to concentration problems, personality changes, and seizures.
Immune response is lowered, making you more susceptible to infection.
Complications of pregnancy that pose a risk to both the mother and the developing baby.
End-stage renal disease causes irreversible damage to your kidneys, necessitating dialysis or a kidney transplant for survival.
Diet and exercise:
Food to take: A high-protein diet like fish, poultry, beans, whole grains seeds, nuts and eggs. People on dialysis should eat 225 to 280 grams of high-protein foods each day. 
Food to avoid: Dark-colored soda, that contains phosphorus, avocados, canned foods, bananas, dairy products, Brown rice, oranges and orange juice.
Exercises: Choose a continuous exercise like walking, swimming, bicycling (indoors or out), aerobic dance, or any other sport that requires you to continually work major muscle groups. Low- intensity strengthening activities may also be effective in your regimen.
Prevention better than cure! Preventive methods for kidney disorders: 
It’s important to know the signs of CKD and be able to recognize them early. Kidney diseases are progressive diseases. It starts slowly and then gets worse over time. The disease will eventually damage the kidneys to the point where they cannot function normally.
There are many things you can do to help prevent kidney diseases.
• Take care of your overall health. Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise.
• Quit smoking.
• Limit alcohol.
• Reduce your intake of salt.
• Watch your blood pressure.
• Maintain a healthy weight.
• See your doctor regularly for checkups.
• Follow the doctor’s instructions.
• Have a regular medical exam.
• Make sure your kidneys are functioning properly.
How Can I Live Well with Chronic Kidney Disease?
There are a number of treatments available that can help manage the symptoms. These treatments include:
Taking medication to control blood pressure and fluid retention.
 Eating a healthy diet that is low in sodium and protein.
 Exercising regularly.
Getting regular checkups and monitoring your kidney function.
Making lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking.
Healthy Lifestyle For Chronic Kidney Disease:
Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but it is especially important for people with chronic kidney disease. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your kidneys healthy and minimize the impact of the disease.
Eat a healthy diet
Exercise regularly.
Quit smoking.
Control your blood pressure.
Control your diabetes.l
Get regular checkups.
Take your medication as prescribed.
Avoid alcohol and illegal drugs.

The more you know about the kidney disorders, it can be treated more efficiently and early. Similia homeo laboratory’s highly effective remedies, with proper diagnosis and medication, is available as one of the most efficient treatment for kidney disorders. It is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle since prevention is always better than cure!!

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